It's not easy being GREEN

Ethan found something green to photograph:

With the lack of natural lighting around here lately I've been a little frustrated taking pictures inside.

Mmmm... grinding up some avocado for Drew. Ok I usually just mash it with a fork but this looks better, I think.

Someday, someday I will succeed in actually growing my own tree. I've tried many times and been only partially successful.

I love seeing everyone's pictures!


Janzelle said...

Avacado for an 8 month old? GoodNIGHT! No wonder he's fussy! =) Cool pix!

Cheech said...

Awesome Pictures!

Cara said...

I remember when we used that food grinder thingy for Ian and Duncan. It was so much fun to see it squish out of the holes and curl up and do what ground food does.

Great pictures!

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! I really like the ones from yesterday too. The sunflower is amazing!