Did you know that the color red can cure what ails you? Hmmm...me either.

I was actually hoping to post a picture of Ethan wearing his new red soccer shirt today. He was supposed to have his first practice last night with his team, the mini red-hots!

Instead, I could post some lovely shots of his chicken pox. He has a very mild case, really, but I didn't want to expose his new teammates, so he missed his first practice.

But, I'll spare you all the gore. Instead, I'm breaking my self-imposed rule of only posting one picture to bring you the beauty of my first ever homemade strawberry jam. A few nights ago someone on our street was getting rid of a bunch of canning equipment. So, inspired by my new acquisition and a sale on strawberries, I decided I could give it a try. How hard could it be, really? After all, I grew up in a canning household. I have fond memories of playing in the 'fruit closet' with it's gleaming shelves of pears, peaches, applesauce and tomatoes.

Well, I think I did ok, although I didn't have quite enough sugar and it looks a little runny.

And...Ethan's picture. Taken yesterday with my cell phone as we tried to kill time waiting in the doctor's office for a chicken pox confirmation. I asked him to look for things for red day and this was what he found:



Mrs. RF said...

That jam looks yummy!

I sure am enjoying this color week, and seeing what others are posting. Great fun.

Cara said...

Heehee! (About Ethan's picture.)

YUM! (About your pictures.)

Photoguy said...

I love those stawberrys!

ann said...

your jam is a thing of beauty...

ann said...

hmmm... if it's too runny (the jam that is) you could use it as a fruit syrup on your pancakes. umm!

Charmaine said...

I'm sure it will set up nicely if you give it time. I don't know if we're going to have time to can this season -- so I'm glad others are out there doing some canning of their own. Good for you!