Nappy bag. It just sounds better.

I've long admired Amy Butler patterns and fabrics, so when I found a good ebay deal on the nappy bag pattern recently, I had to snap it on up.

For the most part, the pattern was very clear and detailed but I did have a couple novice questions and was able to get some answers, thanks to each of these here ladies.

I found the main fabric at Walmart, believe it or not and I really like it...I think it's even a little Amy Butlerish. And, to my great delight, I found some fabric in my stash which matched perfectly for the lining. I only made half of the inside pockets because I figured three would be enough. I really, really like this bag. I've already used it a few times and the pockets are easy to reach into and I love the cell phone pocket design which is on the outside strap. Very convenient.

Keith's comment, "That thing is HUGE!"

More pictures of nappy bag here.


Anonymous said...

I see you decided to make a bag. Good for you, aren't they wonderful, you feel like you are carrying a Marry Poppins bag.

KW said...

Over here they have something called 'nappy sacks' --disposable fragrant smelling plastic bags for disposing of dirty nappies...:)

Janzelle said...

Nice sack, lady!

Charmaine said...

Hey, it turned out great! Good for you. Glad I could be of assistance. :)