Ra Ra Red-hots!!

Ethan played his first soccer game today. It was pretty hilarious. He actually volunteered to be goalie first even though I'm not sure if he initially understood all that the position entailed. After a few minutes, he was pretty bored with that although he did make a couple good saves.

In spite of the typical spacing out, tears and accidental points scored, the game was more compelling than I expected for a team of three and four year olds. I'm not really even sure who won but it was lots of fun to watch.

More soccer pictures.


Aaron S. said...

Great pictures! This one is my favorite.

melbrown said...

I love the casual confidence Ethan exudes in this picture, and I also love his 14-sizes-too-big goalie shirt. You'd think they'd give that position a uniform that the kid wouldn't have to swim through to get to the ball...

I wish I could see a game! It looks like it would be quite a show.