From our family to yours

Ethan took his Kiddley photo of the week today at our visit to a nearby playground. I trimmed some of the sun's glare for easier viewing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


lis said...

Happy Thanksgiving right back!

kk said...

awe...made me eyes well up...Wish it were tanksgiving here, but ah...just a memory of bygone times...loveya

claire said...

Hey, guess what I brought - among other things- to the Thanksgiving feast? That's riiiight! BRUSSEL SPROUTS! Twice as much as last year, in fact, because we ran out on the first go round the table. This year there was leftovers! I even used the recipe that was the printout of an email you sent me last year where the subject line was: "Serves: cows."

The tradition continues!

Janzelle said...

Happy Thonksgobbling to you too!