Twisted stitcher

After I posted my first meathead picture on the meathead flickr group, I got some input from other knitters who noticed that my stitches looked a little funny. Long story, but I finally figured out that I have been wrapping my purl stitches wrong, making knitting a little slower and the finished product a little, well, different. I'm not sure how long I've been doing this cause many of my older projects look fine but anyway, good to know.

So, it gave me a good excuse to try again, correcting my stitches. My second hat is a little, tiny bit bigger and a better fit overall. I really enjoyed this pattern. It only took one evening to knit and it's warm, comfortable and I like the look of it. It has a unique charm. I used a flower button to embellish it.


Claire said...

Man- for a knitter, the terms and words and phrases you use are really visceral! MEATHEAD! It gives off a horrifying, chilling sound. Twisted stitcher! It sounds like some sort of evil monster.

Brrrr! Goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

I loved even your twisted stitches hat, Liane! LOL! You're so talented. I'm dying to learn how to knit.

ljmax said...

Thanks, Shari! If you could only teach me some of your photography tricks...I'd gladly give you knitting lessons.