KAL news

I'm participating in the meathead knitalong (KAL). Those of us who signed up were given the pattern and are testing it out. I finished it last night using Lamb's Pride bulky in brown heather. It really was a fast, easy pattern. I'm not even going to talk about my mistakes with the ribbing on the first few rows since it was my own idiocy and not a problem with the pattern.

I was nervous I might not have quite enough yarn to finish because some people using it ran out but one skein was just enough for the original pattern.
This much was left for Neo to paw at:

The hat's a little bit tight on me but I like the look of it and will post more pictures later. The next step is to decide on some sort of embellishment for it.


Melody Maria said...

How about a flower of some sorts for embellishment? I should send you one of my crocheted ones or at least the pattern for them; they're so pretty. Glad the hat turned out good!

ljmax said...

Thanks Melody...I have a few flower patterns I'm thinking about although I sort of want to think of something different because I'm pretty sure there will be lots of flowers. Still, I like the idea and might try it...I'd be happy to see the pattern if it's easy to link to or email me...thanks!