Sneak peek and other news

I finally gave in to the power of the rather unoriginal flower and dusted off my crochet skills to finish up my hat. I like it ok and I did add one extra detail which I am quite pleased with, as odd as it might be. In the center of the flower, I added a stitch marker as a sort of homage to the creator of this pattern. More pictures later when the sun decides to shine around here.

We had a fun surprise yesterday when Keith returned early from his travels. He was gone for two weeks and we weren't expecting him home til Wednesday. We're all glad he's back.

And thanks, Grandma for hanging out with us for several days. Ethan has never had anyone play so many back to back games of Memory and Candy Land with such patience. We really appreciate all it took to get out here and all the time and energy you gave us.


larissa said...

The flower is adorable. And thanks for including the homage. I thought about dangling stitch markers from mine, too. But so far I have just knitted a very big flower.

DJ said...

Aren't Grandmas great?

Susan said...

We miss the sun too...can't wait to have some seasonal weather! 60 degrees in November is so not right.

shannon said...

Candyland=the most amazing game ever.

Reading blogs=a good alternative to doing homework.