Back at the batcave

We're home and glad to report that our trip back was a little less harrowing. Except for Drew developing a fever which is still hanging on, things went smoothly and we are thankful for a safe, uneventful drive.

We had such a nice time visiting with everyone and our accomodations were luxurious and very restful. I wish Drew had been able to warm up to everyone instead of fussing and crying the majority of the time but at least Ethan was somewhat sociable and enjoyed himself thoroughly.

From our first Southern greeting on a water tower in the city of Franklin, Kentucky ("Franklin, Y'all"), we were met with that famous hospitality and lucky enough to experience some of the balmy weather there.

Yes, Ethan had one traumatic moment when he fell a short distance out of a tree and the hand he stopped his fall with made contact with some rusty nails. He wasn't hurt badly although you never would have known it by his wails and groans and loud exclamations ("OH, I can't believe I'm DEAD!").

I'll probably post some more pictures on flickr eventually but for now there is at least one unemptied suitcase eyeing me and at least one sick child who needs to see a doctor so that's all for now.


the Joneses said...

Ethan's reaction sounds a whole lot like Addie's responses.


KW said...

HAHA...what Ethan said made me snort with laughter...I couldn't have put it more potently myself!

the Joneses said...

Echoing Darren: Maybe Addie and Ethan can go into business together:

Ethan & Addie's OverDramatization Service

"Even the most insignificant event can be life-ruining! Call us today!"

-- SJ

Claire said...

Ya'll come back, y' hear?

drewey fern said...

I'm going to have to remember that one, Ethan! :)

So glad you had a good Christmas journey!

Cara said...

Ethan's response to his injuries made me laugh and laugh. My mom thinks there should be a blog just with quotes from bloggers' kids, simply because they have had a continuous flow of hilarious quotes recently.