A morning in Motown

We set out on this appropriately gray, overcast morning to explore the even grayer city of Detroit. How can you live in Michigan without experiencing the lamest of all major city public transport, the People Mover?

As we drove down, I was staring hard at what I thought was the moon (don't laugh) and wondering how I might best photograph it. When I pointed it out, Keith reminded me that it's not safe to look at the sun. Um, that's how gray it was.

As dingy and scary as it can be, Detroit does have a certain eerie beauty which I was unable to capture. I have never been in such a large city with so few people around. It was a very strange feeling. I know, I know, who actually visits Detroit on purpose in midwinter? Someday, without kids in tow, I would love the chance to take more shots of the many abandoned buildings and grittier aspects of the city.

We were only solicited for funds twice.

The people mover was actually perfect for Ethan and a fun little ride. It travels in a loop around the city and provides some great views along the way. We were alone for the most part and we rode it twice.

Driving back home, we passed right next to a large group gathered to dance and wave flags and otherwise celebrate the death of Saddam.

More photos from our adventures, here.


DJ said...

Ethan's expression fits right in with all the "greys" of your post :-)

cristina said...

aaah i remember the people mover! and yes grey & overcaste is a perfect combination for a day in detroit. for sure.

Claire said...

Stan and I just finished watching the slideshow of your pics on Flickr. Good tiymes!