Shut-ins no more

Blogger locked me out from publishing the last couple days which made me pretty mad. I'm thinking about switching to Word Press. Any suggestions?

We don't get out much but two days ago the kids and I left behind our hermit ways and are all very glad we did. Ethan's friend Paige from preschool(and her mom, Heidi) invited us over for lunch and a play-date after school. Most of the time at school Ethan tries hard to be tough and manly and ignore the girls altogether but when he lets his guard down, he really does enjoy playing with Paige who is lots of fun to be around and apparently has less cooties than the others.

We all had such a great time! It was so nice just sitting and chatting with Heidi who is fun and easy to talk to. Ethan and Paige played so well together I almost forgot they were there. As much as I love Ethan's best good boy buddies, it's a totally different dynamic when a girl is involved. I'm not in constant fear that someone is about to break their neck or poke out an eye.

Drew hung out with Heidi's youngest, Kate, who is about nine months? old and could probably take him down in a wrestling match, if she wasn't so laid back. I really should take Drew out more often. I don't think he's ever gone so long without fussing. He's probably really bored with the same old stuff he sees every day. Poor kid having such a homebody for a mother.

Thanks so much for having us, Heidi! They aren't great quality, but there's a couple more pictures on flickr. (I'm blaming it on the camera)


DJ said...

So bloggers been keeping you out, eh? well, if you switch, make sure you give us the new address so we can still read your stuff. I for one enjoy it :-)

gretchen said...

So glad you got out for a little change of pace. It's refreshing to have some different scenery and conversation once in a while, isn't it? ("Once in a while" meaning "maybe once a year"...)


drewey fern said...

I had this stunning revelation recently: I, too, am a homebody! I just kind of assumed being an adventurer went with being a sanguine, but in this area the phlegmatic definitely takes over. Good for you getting out!

Heidi Helfen said...

You guys can come over anytime, we loved having you and would love to have you back! It's nice to have a fellow homebody for a buddy :)