Yesterday we had a great time at a birthday party for Ethan's friend Paige and her younger sister, Kate. Paige's family, who we met through Ethan's preschool, graciously invited us to be a part of their extended family celebration. In spite of the blistering heat (Keith thinks I am becoming elderly in my constant remarks on weather but it was HOT until the thunderstorms helped cool things down!) the kids enjoyed all the many activities carefully planned out for them and I enjoyed the air conditioning (and the snacks) inside.

I wondered how Ethan would do surrounded by a group of children he didn't know, except, of course Paige and her siblings. I am often amazed at how easily he seems to fall right into a new social situation and enjoy himself without any help from us. And this party was no exception.

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Heidi Helfen said...

You guys feel like long-lost family, thanks for coming! Paige was so excited to have her big crush here for her party. Sorry I had to introduce you to everyone as "Ethan's mom and dad" but my family knows ALL about Ethan from darling little Paige.