Coming attractions

On a recent trip to get his hair cut, Ethan wore one of his many sport emblazoned shirts, this one with a big, blue number 18 on the back. As he climbed up into the chair for his trim, the barber tried to establish a friendly rapport. "WEll, HELLO there 18!!" After a short silence, Ethan answered seriously, "Four and a half."

In Ethan's preschool class this past year, a major source of contention appeared to originate from schoolyard discussion of age and birthday parties. As children turned five over the year, their status was elevated and their superior position held over the heads of the lowly four year olds. Kids would also taunt each other with birthday plans. At the end of many a school day, Ethan's mood reflected either his invitation or rejection from someone's future birthday celebrations.

Poor Ethan was actually the youngest in his class, a fact I found out partway through the year and hid from him the rest. Finally, the long countdown to the big 5 is reaching its end and soon it will be his moment to shine. I have only invited a small number of kids and we don't expect Spiderman to show up this year, but I have been infected by Martha yet again and will attempt to implement some of her ideas.


Ali said...

It's the ultimate kid sanction - Humph, well you're not coming to my party (in 9 months from now...)

Aiiii - little horrors!

Love your barber shop tale!

Heidi Helfen said...

I think it'd be easier just to have Spiderman show up again.

kw said...

i want to see lots of pics of the martha madness and all the fun times.

JJ said...

Spi-dey, Spi-dey, Spi-dey!