Playing catch-up

I was realizing a few months ago that it's been over two years since I've seen my sister, Karena. Much too long to be apart from family but sadly typical when you live on different continents.

Happily, it worked out for her to fly out last Monday and we've had a week to visit. We've spent the hot days catching up and had a few adventures shopping and yard-saling.

The kids have enjoyed getting to know Aunt K-K better, playing games and reading books together. Keith and I even got to get out last night for a little date without kids for the first time in years, thanks to Karena's offer. Whoo-hoo!

Tomorrow we will have to say goodbye as she flies down to Georgia for more family visits and then back to Cambridge. Hopefully it won't be two more years before we see her again.


Claire said...

Is that superman icecream I spy in Ethan's hands? :)

kw said...

yesiree! Hey, how did you know?

cristina said...

fun!! but so sad to be sooo sooo far away from your sis. glad you guys are having a good time catching up.

gretchen said...

Wowzah! First date night in years!?!?!?!? I am shocked, and will never complain about anything as long as I live ever again, ever.


So glad you got to go out, and so glad you had some catch-up time with Karena!