The heartbreaking kimono

The "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono" from Mason-Dixon Knitting is done, finally. The biggest delays came from my underestimating the amount of yarn necessary and stopping twice to re-order. I'm very happy with the overall results. Love the texture of the Mission Falls cotton, and the color, Graphite. The biggest lesson I learned was to get all the yarn necessary in the same batch and dye lot. It's hard to tell from the picture but the third skein varied enough in color and there is a slightly different gray patch on the lower left front which is quite noticeable in person.

The bigger heartbreak was the fact that, in the midst of this project, I managed to throw away my Mason-Dixon knitting book! At least that's what I figure happened. We were in the process of moving some furniture around in the boys' room and had to re-think bookshelf space. While reorganizing books, I decided to do battle with my packrat nature and de-clutter. Several days later I could not find my prized knitting book and after searching every last dusty corner, as well as each smelly trash bag in the basement, concluded with a sick feeling that it must have somehow made it curbside. Very, very sad.
Now I'm faced with a dilemma...to buy (again!) or rely on the library's copy from now on. Like I said, heartbreaking.


DJ said...

I'd go with the library copy. At least until you can't do without a copy of your own..

cristina said...

it came out awesome...and the colors? perfect for a fall babe.

ahappywife said...

I'd buy a copy. *always looking for any excuse to buy a book*