Delightful discards

I haven't hit a lot of great yard sales lately, although I did hit another car during my search a week or two ago. That was nice.

I did come across a great stash of vintage fabric pieces at a nearby sale yesterday and even dragged Ethan back with me today to dig through for more. Here's a sampling of those:

And books! I have a thing for older library discards. There's just something about that old book smell, the distinct look and feel of the hard covers and illustrations. I had to clean a few years of grime off them but otherwise they are intact and ready for many more.


Claire said...

Sorry to hear about your car mishap. Ack.

Hurray for yardsales! Penny and I just went out to a few but didn't get a whole lot. We also went to some open houses. It's fun to just see the insides of other people's houses.

Claire said...

ryc: ( as DJ would say) Um...yeah...ooops...No disrespect to 'Seriously.'

the Joneses said...

Cool fabric! (Which shows I'm grown up. When I was younger, I'd see that fabric as just OLD.) And you deserve great pieces like that because you'll do something clever with them!

-- SJ

Stephanie said...

I love the fabrics you got! Lucky duck!! I haven't had a chance to go to any yard sales this year. None!!! I'm totally jealous of your find :o)