One month old

I meant to write this post yesterday but I'm finding that things take a little longer than usual these days. Blogging, like sleep, is a bit of a luxury. Even now at ten pounds, Adam still just fits inside my 37-week belly cast. I'm glad he's on the outside now.

Maybe I will even get some non-baby related posts up sometime soon. Maybe not.


gretchen said...

My first thought was "an egg shell!" That is really, really cute.

Happy one month b'day to Adam, and happy first month over with to you : )

Stephanie said...

One month old already? Whew...where did the last month go? He's so dang cute!!!! And I love him in his belly cast :o)

I can't believe that you even have ANY time for blogging with a newborn! I was a total basket case from lack of sleep and constant nursing that I was lucky to even sound coherent!

Ali said...

That's a wonderful image.

JJ said...


Anonymous said...

how time flies. he if so cute. I am amazed at how the fit in the belly. hows the hubby don't hear much about him.

love ya

Wendy said...

It's funny... I too thought it looked like a cracked open egg with a baby inside :) cute pic

Shari said...

Adam is so adorable! Maisy is just 10 pounds now, at 10 weeks of age! She had her first shots today and it was slightly traumatic.

Kiss that lil' face for me!