Seasonal silliness

We had a fun fall day today. I went along with Ethan on his field trip to a local nature center. It was a perfect cool day. The kids had fun feeding leaves to the deer, looking at owls up close and feeding bread crumbs to fish and ducks.

Keith was able to take some time off this evening to be around for trick or treating. I'm glad he did because Drew did not make it easy. He seemed to think he was supposed to sit and consume each candy he received right there on the spot which made for some awkward moments and some major meltdowns. Exhausting.

Lots more pictures on Flickr.


Heidi said...

I love your pumpkin carvings... must have gotten some recent practice with calligraphy or something.

ljmax said...

Something like that...but no one paid me for the pumpkins!

Anonymous said...

What cuties! Adam looks so grown up already. love his little round head he's the perfect pumpkin.

love ya

K said...

Just remember, someday your kids will be too old for trick or treat and you'll remember back to the good old days when they were younger and cuter and you'll forget how obnoxious they really were on Halloween.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!

Like the pumpkins too, very artistic... our Ariel pumpkin did not make it til halloween... we did it too early and it rained alot... so she was overtaken with mold last week and tossed into the woods... yuck :)


kw said...

Adam looks like a real Leith:) (combo of you and Keith)

Lori said...

"Leith," that's a good one, KW!! I also love the letters carved, plus tiny baby with pumpkin hat!