He wants to be the baby

I let Drew play in the crib today. He recently graduated to the bottom bunk and has made the transition well but I often catch him climbing on the baby's bed. He wanted to bring his blanket in and quickly took over his old territory. He even donned the baby's hat and goofed around for some pictures.

I've been a bit overwhelmed by the thought of Christmas gifts and lists and all the running around this year. I'm not planning many handmade items but a couple things keep sneaking in. Here's a little peek of one I'm working on.

**********COMING SOON: A report on Adam's head. He might get to wear a helmet! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Stephanie said...

Oh yes...I have wanted to make those since she posted the pattern on her site. I haven't yet. Yours looks cute!

JJ said...

He looks believable enough.

Do tell about little Adam and his noggin. Poor fella!

Anonymous said...

We were looking at your pics and Paige was so excited to see her monkey and Kate's bunny looking so "new." They are now looking very loved.

That little Drew is the cutest thing ever.

Helmets are okay, he can pretend to be a little Red Wing :)