First Snowfall

"I stood and watched by the window
The noiseless work of the sky"
(from this poem)

While exploring the first significant accumulation of snow in our backyard, Drew and I discovered a rabbit which couldn't find its way out. It was funny to watch Drew shuffling around after it calling out, "Hi bunna, Hi!" over and over. After circling the yard a few times, the poor rabbit found a space under the fence and burrowed his way out.


Claire said...

It's so unreal to me that people are having SNOW right now...even if it's not a whole lot...It is 62 degrees, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW at 9:45 at night. On December 2nd. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?! Whatever it is - I like it.

Anonymous said...

I am sad there is not more snow and that it is getting rained away. We played out for a bit today, too. Love your pics, will have to get motivated and post new ones to our site, too.

Stephanie said...

We got snow yesterday as well. The first of the season. It's all melted and it's raining in sheets now. And the wind is on it's way. I think I would have liked to just stay with the snow!!!

Ali said...

So sweet in his little hat. I am jealous of your snow.

Anonymous said...

happiness in the little things!