I've always loved the idea of carrying your baby around throughout the day. I've tried a couple different baby slings and used my Baby Bjorn a few times with each baby. In reality, they just don't work for me.

Sometimes I'll use the Bjorn carrier when I'm trying to get something done in the kitchen and the baby is fussing. I'm never quite at ease though because I'm nervous that I'll drop something hot or heavy on his head or he'll fall out when I'm reaching down to empty the dishwasher.

The other problem is that my babies generally grow quickly and get heavy fast and my back tends to ache within minutes of strapping them on.

Even so, I've been wanting to make the Mei Tai carrier since I saw pictures and patterns all over the internet some time ago. It looks so versatile and I did hear it was easier on your back than some carriers. The crunchy, bohemian fantasy kept calling to me, louder than my good sense and I decided to give it a try.

I found this pattern which I also link to in my sidebar. It looked doable for a sewing novice like myself. I even splurged on some robot fabric from Superbuzzy, a site I drool over regularly but had never indulged in.

All was fine and dandy til I went to to put the carrier on and found that it fit, but barely. I guess I'm one of the "fluffy" types the pattern describes as needing longer straps. I refuse to call myself fluffy but I will acknowledge that I'm just plain fat. Anyway, the point is I went back and added more length to the straps which, I'm sure contributes to their homemade look but it feels a lot more secure now.

Even Drew can ride around in it although he wasn't too sure about the whole thing. We'll see how practical it is in the long run.


Heidi Helfen said...

Absolutely adorable. If only I could be so crafty.

Claire said...

Your title made me think of Andrew and "underwearing."

Anonymous said...

Wearing your baby is an art form I was never good at it. Hope you don't lose any along the way. your ability to make things still amazes me.

Claire said...

Festering Relish Poultice is a name that Brad came up with many, many eons ago...In the spirit of Dave Barry, he said it would be a good name for a rock band.

I can't wait to see Ethan's card!

kw said...

Phew...I was thinking you might (albeit jokingly) be speaking of that name for your offspring.

Anonymous said...

I have to say Liane, next to my children you have the cutest urchins I have ever slapped eyes on!

ljmax said...

Is that you, Tara? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

yes liane that is me! Can't get much by you huh?:)