Heads up

We have decided with some trepidation to go with a helmet for Adam. I actually took him in for his fitting last week so the helmet should arrive within a few days. In a way it seems like a silly choice after one doctor told us it wouldn't work but others have reported success and for a number of other reasons we figured it wouldn't hurt (too much) to try.

I just don't want it to get any worse and positioning is not going well right now. We are working on increasing tummy time but that is still a tiny fraction of the time he spends on his back.

I think the hardest part, other than his own adjustment to wearing it, will be the lack of access to his soft, little head.


Claire said...

Looking forward to meeting him - and his helmet- soon!

the Joneses said...

Yes, it's a shame not to have a baby's head free for kissing and nuzzling. Will he have to wear it long? I think you'll be glad you tried it, even if it doesn't have spectacular results.

-- SJ