Stuff to do

Here's a fun little contest to keep your kids occupied for a minute or two.

Ethan was smitten by the prizes and got right to work. He kept encouraging Drew to join in, saying, "Drew, Drew, don't you want to win?"

In the meantime I am working on some felted toy balls from Melanie Falick's Knitting for Baby, for some of the many little boys in my life, as my ever arthritic hands permit me. Pictures to come when there is light enough around here.


Claire said...

Oh my word - like mother, like son... I can just see you about twenty five or so years ago saying that same kind of thing to me..." Come on, Claire! Don't you want to WIN?!"

Heidi said...

dare I say it... I think I'd like to learn how to knit. I am too afraid to become my mother (a knitter)but you inspire me with all of your wonderful creations.

ljmax said...

Ha, ha, Claire...more like, "Don't you want to win and then give me your prize?"

YAY Heidi, that would be so fun if got into knitting...I know you would enjoy it.

Lori said...

You don't really have arthritic hands, right?

ljmax said...

They've been hurting a lot lately...but I hope not.