In other words

Sometimes I come across a post that feels like it was written for me. Soon after Adam was born I read one in particular that brought tears to my eyes. Sarah Gilbert, a writer, knitter, and mother, wrote out her own struggles adjusting to life with three boys. Although she is a complete stranger and unlike me in many ways, she expressed so perfectly how I felt. It was validating to have these thoughts spelled out by an accomplished, capable woman.

When things are difficult it helps me to write about them. At the same time, I don't like to come across on my blog as relentlessly negative and whiny and of course it's not the right place for all my darkest thoughts. But it sure can help to read about someone else who knows what it's like.

Another blog I found recently is written by a mother who lost a baby eight months ago. She delivered twin boys prematurely and one boy, Liam, lived only for six weeks. I read her posts about him gingerly. She writes about so much that I've never been able to express. Her most recent post about him is"Letter from my son".


Wendy said...

I find 1 challenging at times, so I can imagine x's 3...but I know one day we will all look back at these days and want it all back...the joys and the chaos! :)
I forwarded that post on to 2 of my close friends who have 3 boys each, very close age to yours, one almost exactly...I know they can totally relate! hang in there!

kw said...

made me cry..

the Joneses said...

The post makes my heart hurt, partly because I'm sad for that mother, but also because you said it's expressing what you can't, so I hear you speaking through her words. I do pray for you now and then when you come to mind. I love your blog and your family, and wish you didn't have to deal with so much grief as well.

-- SJ