Starting to understand

There are two kinds of knitters, those who knit socks and those who don't. Hmm, profound. I just never really got the whole sock obsession thing but there are some patterns out there that look like fun and I've been wanting to try for a while now. I have tried some sock-like creations in the past but not real, official socks.

So, I decided to start small with this pattern. Unfortunately, the pattern assumes you understand some basic sock making principles which I didn't...I had some problems with the decreases but I think I get it now. And I definitely see how the sock thing could get addicting.

When I had Drew to try on his "hock" as he calls it, he quickly demanded, "Off!". Surely not a ringing endorsement.


Stephanie said...

Mwhahahahaha...another knitter turned to the dark side.

There are some great patterns for free on the web that describe the decreases etc. Just do a search for "basic sock pattern" and you should get some info. Once you get it...it's a breeze.

My little guys don't like wearing my hand knit socks either...but my 14 year old LOVES them and constantly tries to steal mine when her pair needs to be washed. She proudly shows them off to her friends saying things like, "You are SO jealous of my socks..aren't you?" and "I have cooler socks than you do!" She's so mature...just like me :) I think it helps that she got to pick the yarn and pick the pattern she wanted.

Good luck on your new knitting obsession...and trust me...it will be. Once you get hooked...there's no going back! After you get the basics down email me and I'll send you the fitted arch instructions. They make the socks feel and fit even better.

Emma C said...

Oh, I do heart me some knit socks! My only problem with knitting socks is that when you're done and happy with one of them....then you have to knit the other one. I usually get whiny about having to knit a second one.

Those pictures of the munchkin are super cute. The munchkin's pretty cute, too.

Lori said...

I victoriously finished knitting a lavender hat for Jessie on her Knifty Knitter!! Yesssss!!

kw said...

if i send you some wool could u knit my chillun some stockings for their poor little wellied feet to make it through the puddles without undue damp?

ljmax said...

Thanks for the sock love everyone!

I am feeling the same way about the knitting of the second sock, Emma.

Lori, I am scared of knifty knitters. How do they work?

K-At this rate it might take a couple years but we shall see.