Keeping warm

I've always loved knitting scarves but I just can't pull off the wearing part. Scarves just seem to get in my way and I'm always throwing them back around my neck in frustration or just avoiding them altogether.

I bookmarked this pattern a while back (thanks for the link, Emma!)thinking it would be a good solution to my scarf woes. It's perfect and I love the colors.

Needles: Size 13
Yarn: Araucania's Limari Multicolor in #563
(So Soft and Warm!)


Stephanie said...

That is gorgeous!! I never thought of myself as a scarf person but I am loving the drop stitch one I made. I have some handspun thick and thin and have been looking for a pattern to make a small something with. This might fit the bill. I might have to try it..and bonus...get to look for fun buttons!

Wendy said...

Ooo, I like that...you really could market those! I am a scarf person sometimes, but a neckwarmer like that would be more handy, I'd esp. love it if it was a soft cozy wool. Very nice.

drewey fern said...


Emma C said...

So cute! I love the different kinds of buttons! I knit one for myself a while back, but the buttons I got were too small. Now it's in limbo until I get my act together enough to buy some other buttons. So I'll probably have it done in a year or so.