One last, literary hurrah

Today the wind was blowing snow around and Ethan was home on his two-day winter break. I figured it was as good a day as any for one last trip to our local library. I'm sure our new library will be nice but this one is the best I've ever had.

Sadly I haven't taken the kids much since Adam was born. Well, really, since Drew was born.

When it was just me and Ethan, we'd hang out together in the kids section, watching all the jet-setting kids with their personal super-nannies, surreptitiously checking our own raggedy clothing for holes. But other than some feelings of insecurity at times, I enjoyed our library visits with all the fun library things for kids to do: storytimes, computer games, puppets and legos and puzzles, and, even books!

Oh, and just for the record, I really do NOT like the camera Keith and I bought ourselves for our Christmas present. It is a Canon PowerShot SD1000. I've become spoiled by Keith's work Nikon but it's not always available to me and with three kids not at all practical to lug around with all the other paraphernalia. The Canon is nice and compact and well reviewed but just not as accommodating of fast moving kids in low light (my specialty). Ninety five percent of my indoor pictures are at least slightly blurry. Quite a conundrum for one as anti-flash as I.


Stephanie said...

Ah yes...we use to go to the library a lot when Kyrin was little. I always signed up for the gingerbread houses and we went to story time every single week. When I had Connor we would still go when he was little enough to be in the sling but as soon as he got older and mobile that was it. I haven't really been with the 2 little guys. I do miss it but I think they would wreak havoc on the place.

I'm so with you on not liking cameras at the moment. I have a Kodak z740 that I knew nothing about when I got it. 2 years ago I had the cheapest, craptastic digital camera and I was the big bling bling lens on the Kodak and said, "ME WANT!" It does okay in some low light but not as well as others I've seen. I really want a small compact one that I can easily take places and get uber good shots with (with picture stabalizers which my kodak doesn't have either...talk about blurry!!!)

I wonder if the compact Nikons are better than the canons. It'll be a while before I can get another camera so I guess it doesn't really matter LOL.

Heidi said...

You are a brave soul. I have not dared enter the library with all 3 as of yet. Poor Kate will likely not see the insides of a library until school days. Maybe we can brave it and try them at Troy public or Rochester when you move for something new when we are going bonkers at home... Well, more bonkers than usual anyways.

ljmax said...

Actually, I wasn't that brave, Heidi...I didn't take Adam. That WOULD be crazy! I took advantage of Ethan's break and being home in the morning to leave Adam with Keith. We should try it together sometime though--that would be fun.