Such a square

This guy has been in the works forever. One of those knits that gets tedious and put aside for more exciting, instant gratification pieces. I started him in November I think and finally finished him a few days ago. He's another one of Jess Hutch's wonderful Unusual Toys.

The gauge wasn't exactly perfect (surprise!) so he wasn't quite the right size for a pillow form but the stuffing looks ok I think.

Squarey specs:

Needles: Size 8dpn
Yarn: A mix (!) of Lamb's Pride bulky and some other KnitPicks stuff.

He has multiple functions as a toy, pillow and at times a missile.


Stephanie said...

Ohhhh..I love him! I have been wanting to make one of the softies out of the book forever...but I also then go to my usual socks etc. and get distracted. I need to make a Henry bear for a friend. ANd I want to make a square guy...and a robot...and and and. There are so many :) What a great stash buster to use up odds and ends!! He's adorable. I can tell he'll get a lot of hugs and use.

Claire said...

Perhaps not the most aerodynamic of missiles... but I suppose the boys aren't too picky...