While working in the kitchen this morning, a movement in the backyard caught my eye. For a second I thought it was a cat but after staring hard in disbelief, I realized it was some sort of HUGE bird, eating another bird.

Keith took a bunch of pictures of the rather gruesome sight. We think it's some sort of hawk but with my handy Field Guide to Birds packed away, along with all other useful possessions, we were left to speculate and search Google images. Anybody hazard a guess?

Oh, yeah, Happy Valentines Day.


kw said...

An old fashioned vulture?

Zan said...

I researched a bit (birds of prey are very interesting to me) and found out that it is most likely a Cooper's Hawk. Cool! They do feast on small birds and have been seen more and more in urban areas. What a gift to be able to observe one in your own backyard!

ljmax said...

Thanks, Susan...I think you're right.

The Boisverts said...

Wow! So cool!
Wendy told me about your post; I'm a novice bird watcher... how cool to see such a big bird in your own yard!