A fine line between whining and thankfulness

Things that are about to revolutionize our lives:

Having a driveway that will fit more than one car. No more fighting for parking spots on the street. No more squeezing out of the car in our driveway and getting clothes snagged on our neighbor's chain link fence.

A garage! No more lugging double strollers out of the basement for our walks, no more carrying groceries and babies in the cold, ice, heat and rain...Ah, the luxury.

More than one bathroom! Oh, I could write a book on the many ways this will improve the quality of our lives. No more tiptoeing in and out of the bathroom at night cringing in fear lest we wake the entire household. No more emptying the room of half its contents before using the shower. (Put baby bath in hall, move kid's stool outside room in order to put down bath mat. Not to mention the ten thousand plastic water toys to be shoved aside.)

A bedroom for Adam...Yeah, sleep. For us all.

A place for our table big enough for every one of us to sit down. And eat. All together. At the same time.

Windows at eye level that let the sunshine in...ah.

A kitchen big enough that we don't have to step into the next room to open the refrigerator door. Don't get me started on the kitchen.

Space. No more whispering and shushing the poor kids all day long lest they WAKE THE BABY!

Again, I could go on. I could.

In the meantime I am getting excited, inspired and impatient. Our closing date is now March 11th! I love browsing through flickr and getting some decorating ideas.

Credits on my flickr page (under favorites).


kw said...

AWESOME! now you won't need a mansion in heaven! ha! Okay, how do you do the little blocks of pics like that? Wanted to do the pics of arthurs h.cut all together in a block but didn't know how in flickr so it looks lame..

KJ said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I'm so thankful for you guys!

the Joneses said...

Happiness is a larger house when you have three boys! A bigger kitchen, sunny windows, and two bathrooms! Hurray!

-- SJ

Claire said...

Ah, I can relate. I'm STILL thankful for our garage. It is SUCH a boon.
( Ma boon.)

And I am still thankful for a washing machine and dryer in our very abode...after living in an apartment without those blessed appliances. I can't believe I used to have to limit myself to three loads of laundry a week...done before, during and after church. Augh.

All those years of privation you endured will make the joy of these new blessings all the greater. Hmmm- clear as mud?

Wendy said...

ha ha, at first I thought those flickr pics were of the house you were buying and I was thinking, hmm looks awesome, I wouldn't change a thing, very cool and funky...and then I clued in that those were decorating ideas... lol

hesper48 said...

Wow! am I ever happy for you! One bathroom up to this point. You must be saints with halos by now!! You'll think you've died and gone to heaven!