A voice from the deep

I was in the living room with the boys yesterday and heard a noise which I thought was some kids playing outside. A few minutes later, though muffled, I heard it more clearly, the unmistakable sound of Elmo, crying out, "Yoohoo! Are you going to play with me?" Poor, lonely muppet, buried in a packing box awaiting his day in the sun.

The kids and I laughed about it and Drew scurried off to his room. A few seconds later he returned with Hokey Pokey Elmo. He climbed up on the box, stuck HP Elmo up to the hole and pressed his hand to make him talk. Elmo comforts Elmo.

Although the boxed Elmo never spoke again, this is what the conversation could have sounded like.

Elmo 1: "Elmo loves to pretend. Wanna play?"

Hokey Pokey Elmo: "Dance with Elmo!"

Elmo 1: "Yoohoo! Are you gonna play with Elmo?"

HP Elmo: "Elmo puts his hand in, he puts his hand out, he puts his hand in and he shakes it all about. He does the hokey pokey and he turns himself around. That's what its all about."

Elmo 1: "Okay. We'll play later."

Who says living out of boxes can't be fun?


Claire said...

Ha haaa! That is too funny for words! Drew has certainly inherited his mother's passion for stuffed animals- treating them like real people. ( I'm thinking of course of the daily line-up of Rhody, the paterfamilias, and his progeny.)

Elmo calling to Elmo...like mastadons bellowing across primeval swamps...

( that last part is a quote from P.G. Wodehouse that has stuck in my head for years and FINALLY I GET A CHANCE TO USE IT!)

ljmax said...

Can you tell I am tired?

drewey fern said...

Claire! Liane! You two are the BEST! :)