Day 2: Back to Nature

We found another great woodsy spot to walk yesterday right within our subdivision. It's a little more low-key and child-friendly than the serious bike trails nearby which are teeming with many Very Serious and often Annoyed Bikers. There were lots of fallen logs and plentiful um, evidence of deer to explore. It helped assuage some of my guilt after recently reading Last Child in the Woods and viewing the PBS special 'Where do the Children Play?' Rather disturbing food for thought.

I agree that there is something crucial to human development found in independent interaction with nature which is harder and harder to facilitate today. It makes me sad for my children not to have the same access to woods and outdoors that I did. We love our backyard here but it's not quite the same.

I promise to at least attempt photographing something other than my children. But they are the main attraction around here after all. I may even get some interior pictures of the house for those of you who have requested them.