A new roof (rhymes with woof)

Ethan and Drew had fun watching nails and shingles fly all day, safely cooped up inside. The constant banging and crashing wreaked havoc with all important naps but it's good to have a nice, new roof over our heads.


gretchen said...

I love the plants around the base of that tree in the yard. What are they? I think I've read that marigolds deter deer--it might be worth a try.

ljmax said...

Gretchen...funny you should ask. That's where I planted my petunias and the night after I finished all my weeding, mulching and planting, the deer attacked! (there were even hoof marks!)
But they only munched on the green perennials (think they are hostas?) which I'm hoping will still grow back.
Since then, I put out some dog hair someone gave us which was great fun- hopefully will work.