Sharing the love

Someone recently offered us a used play structure, free for the taking. We drove by and peeked at it from the road. It looked good and we knew the kids would love it. Keith was a little hesitant about all the labor involved but agreed to take it on.

Last Tuesday morning he drove over, disassembled and moved it back here piece by piece. It was a little older and more rickety than we had thought but beggars can't be choosers, right? Wednesday he started assembling it.

Wednesday evening the neighborhood kids had to come over and check out the progress. Cause we're a community, right? Let's hold hands and sing together.

Thursday evening he had completed the swing section and the local gang gathered again to test it out. I had photos of this but somehow deleted them.

Spending almost every free second sweating and laboring over this apparatus, Keith had it all finished by Friday. Quite a labor of love. And if you live anywhere in the vicinity of Michigan, come check it out for an hour or two. It's the thing to do.


darren said...

I am wicked impressed. Looks great.

kw said...

Awesome! I'm there! If you're not climbing or sliding what else are you doing? priorities, please.

Claire said...

Ah, yes. Kumbuyah. And Godspeed, little neighbors.

Heidi said...

I'll gather our backyard tagalongs..er, I mean "neighbors".. and we'll be right there! Way to be a Dad, Keith!

Anonymous said...

Good job Keith. What a great dad. I wish we could come over and enjoy.