A little crayon love

A recent birthday of a little friend prompted me to try out a pattern for a fun crayon holder I've had bookmarked for a while.

I love the concept although I managed to bungle a good deal of it. Bungle. What a weird word.

I'm not sure why I have still have trouble with basic sewing like staying in a straight line but I'm thinking my two-year old recipient won't mind too much.

Happy birthday Kate!


Kate said...

Kate's favorite word to describe her new gift, "MINE!" Her brother and sister are well aware that they may not touch this special gift. Thank you, L, she loves it!

kw said...

I want one! I wish I used crayons? NEver too late to start i guess...YOu have got to stop being so talented. haahha

gretchen said...

I am all astonishment, as usual. I love your creative mind and fingers!

Stephanie said...

OMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crayon roll. I must make one for the boys. I wonder if it will help them keep the crayons together. I've tried cups, ziplock bags, anything..and they still scatter them to the wind. Maybe if they have a cute rollup? It's cute enough to make even if they don't like it. I think it would make a good purse stash for when we eat out. Thanks for adding to my 101 projects I need to do :)

Wendy said...

love it! and love the fabric too...it makes me wish I could sew. :)