In the city

Inspired, partly by this list, and Keith finally having a weekend off, we decided to get out and do something different together as a family.

Detroit has a pretty lousy reputation and I wouldn't choose to live there but it has a surprising amount of fun, affordable attractions and is only about a half hour drive for us.

One of these is Detroit's newly revitalized Riverfront,a beautiful public area to walk downtown, next to, well, the Detroit River.

Keith took the boys on the carousel where Drew's screams of fear soon changed to yells of glee.

Ethan ran around in the fountains and was happily soaked. Drew stuck his leg in and was thrilled.

We took a ride around the city on the People Mover, which has its own strange charm.

Adam was lulled into a peaceful stupor, sitting quietly in his stroller the entire time. This alone was worth the trip.


Claire said...

LOVE all the pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all.

wideyed said...

I want to run through fountains! It looks like so much fun.

Wendy said...

It's great finding new day trip fun spots, especially when we can enjoy them vicariously through our children, it makes it fun for the whole family...:)