Operation Piano Stool: Complete

With the help of a staple gun and some good, strong glue, I fixed up my piano stool as good as new(ish)!

Yes, there are a few pleats but they don't look too bad. I even tried your trick, Lori, but don't think I did it quite right. I used some precious fabric from a long ago swap and bought a little trim to cover the stapled edges. Between some of the staples sticking out and the glue clumping in places, the finished edge is a little wonky but not bad from afar. Kind of like a lot of my projects...they look best in the dark. Or candlelight.

Fortunately for me, my critics aren't too harsh.


Stephanie said...

It turned out great! I totally love the fabric you chose. I love hot glue. It holds the world together :)

gretchen said...

Wow, impressive! And I love the material! Nice job : )