What to do when one child needs immediate help in the bathroom while the other child requires assistance directing vomit into the bowl, while the third is trying to crawl into first the vomit bowl, then the toilet?

You decide.
I'll be over here in the corner whimpering.


kw said...

Call 911 and take off!

Rob said...

Ummmm. I'm not envious of you. Dirty diapers and vomit are probably my least favorite experience in life. God bless you and Happy 4th of July! That is supposed to mean FREEDOM. I hope you have it in God's peace!

Su said...

Somehow we can survive these times. It's just built into us...but it's not easy, is it!

Hope it gets better REAL fast!

~big sis said...

another person who commiserates :) praying for you here!

Heidi said...

Oh you poor thing, I am so sorry. I hope you guys are better fast. I think VBS was plagued this year.

Anonymous said...

Talk to Janelle lately? I feel your pain dear!