Holes in my education

I was Science Student of the Month once in high school. I had to dig the certificate out of an old dusty trunk before Keith would believe me. The fact that my bachelor's degree includes the word science amuses him greatly. I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you why.

It all stems from my casual admittance one day, several years ago that I wasn't totally, completely sure which revolved around which, the earth around the sun or the sun around the earth. I know, I know! Keith gave me a look and said, "Please tell me right now you are joking." In fact, he's a little embarrassed that I'm sharing this with the rest of the world. Sorry, Keith. Same to you, Galileo.

Here's another one that is perhaps a bit more forgivable. I've struggled for years with the proper use of the words it's vs. its. Even after reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves and cowering under Keith's incredulity, I still have this site bookmarked. I tend to add an apostrophe when using its as a possessive pronoun. I have to really stop and think about it. Or pull down my bookmarks. Hey, I didn't claim to be an English major.

If you really want your husband to wonder about your sanity ask him, "What century are we living in again?" I do it. I learned somewhere long ago that if you are talking about say, the seventeenth century you are actually discussing the sixteen hundreds. But I had to call up Keith just now to confirm that. I'm never sure if you are supposed to add or subtract and which is which. Make sense? I know. Scary. Does anyone think that I should home school my kids?

Please tell me someone else uses Wikipedia as much as I do.


the Joneses said...

Me! Me too! The English/spelling stuff I have no trouble with. But the science! Darren tried to explain to me how the moon orbits in relation to the earth, even standing me in the middle of the dining room while he orbited me, and it still didn't stick.

I once guessed that the way a dancer keeps from getting dizzy was that she kept her head still and let her body spin (I didn't think about it, okay? Darren's expression was priceless). And I never, ever remember which century goes with which number.

As for homeschooling... that's why there's the Internet!

-- SJ

kw said...

oh yeah..the sun/earth thing..i had to think about that for a second. I know the earth is ROUND, but I can't remember if...oh yeah-i think it's the earth that rotates around the sun?right?

Su said...

What a great post, Liane! I also struggle with the "am I smart enough to homeschool my children" issue! I have homeschooling records that document that I am a successful teacher! WITHOUT a college degree! (and I stink at math!)
I will also admit that I have used wikipedia often, and I LOVE Thesaurus.com...so, you are NOT alone! (and the math thing somehow just isn't as much of an issue as I thought it would be, as Paul has helped me out with the teaching of higher math)

So, in conclusion of my WAY too long comment...YES! You should most definitely homeschool your kids. (here's one more admission: sometimes I have to ask Melody how to spell
words...like "tomorrow"...one 'm' or two?)

p.s. Thanks for your comment...my ankle is painful, but I think it will be okay for me to sit it out today...already I see that my house is in good hands...(Mel is way more than a great speller!)

Anonymous said...

Thats ok liane i homeschrule mi kidz and they is so smrt! u dont need all that fanci pants lernin!


Wendy said...

ha ha can so relate...and even though I support homeschooling 100%,I don't think my kids would benefit from my homeschooling them in more ways that one... I did great in school, but it seems the older I get the more my brain depletes knowledge...

Heidi said...

Oh goodness! If only I had read this before telling you about my inner compass today, or lack thereof! Needless to say (and from the noticeable and frequent errors in my own blog) I am no Rhodes scholar myself.

John just saw an article that mentioned that only 40% knew the Earth/sun rotation bit and he went on a tangent about it, wondering how anyone can get through life without learning that information, blah blah blah. I was thinking "Dear God, please let me answer him right when he says "you DO know the answer, right??" "

Can't wait for him to read your post, thanks for making me feel human :)

John said...

I am not one to comment on your blog, normally I just hear about if from Heidi, but couldn't let this slide. You can add this to your list of references. It's (it is, just so you don't have to refer back) animated for your learning pleasure.



ljmax said...

Hey, I feel better now...thanks, everyone. Su--I have trouble with 'tomorrow' too...weird.

Thanks for the link, John. I'm going to devote some time to studying all those pretty floating things on the screen.

JJ said...

You have no idea...

And no, I don't think you should homeschool your children.

Nor should I. =)

asaphat said...

You should have Keith homeschool your children. That's what I think.

Claire said...

I always had to stop a second to think about the century thing
( 1900's being the 20th century etc) and it got very inconvenient as a history major.

cristina said...

yes! love wiki...and what a weird koinkadink that my hubby was teaching me about the centuries the other day too. it makes no damn sense, i tell ya.

Lori said...

Glad I'm not the only retard--har har!!! Regarding homeschooling yer chillens--what a challenge it can be and what a blessing. Having to work and finding time for grading and recordkeeping...for me...made it pretty hard. I loved inserting Bibilical/spiritual stuff and great literature into their lives. Spending time with them is wonderful. By the end of the year, it has always been hard for me to keep up the same level of schooling. Maybe I'm just a restless ADD type person who deep down wants someone else to teach them day in and day out. I'll be putting them all in public school next week.