A vacation from my problems

We just returned from a few days spent in the western part of the state. We stayed in Grand Haven and hit a few places in Grand Rapids as well. The weather was perfect and Lake Michigan really is every bit as beautiful as we had heard. Almost as good as the ocean.

Everyone's favorite spot was the beach in Grand Haven which was about a mile from our hotel. The boys could have played all day on the endless sand and waves. The second day we spent there, the surf warning was at an elevated level and I was surprised at the strength of the waves. Ethan loved to body surf endlessly, even after getting knocked right on his head at one point.

Even Adam, who cried probably ninety percent of the time, was happy on the sand and fascinated by all its possible uses. He tried it out in his ears, nose, eyes and of course his mouth and seemed quite content with each of these options.

The saddest part of the trip for me was our many camera problems. The first day I was able to snap a few pictures with the good camera (on flickr), even including some at the state park, walking out to the lighthouse and on the beach afterward. The next morning we decided to take only our smaller camera so we wouldn't risk damaging the good one in the sand. Somehow, in all the chaos of packing, the camera was put in a bag next to a water bottle that leaked badly. The camera, inside its case, was dripping wet. Yup. So here's what our day at Lake Michigan looked like:

I tried not to feel too sick every time I turned around and saw a perfect photo-op. Oh well.

That night I grabbed the good camera when we went out for a trolley ride around the city. After two or three shots the battery died. And of course, that was the one charger we did not bring, since that camera's battery generally lasts forever. Ah. So, you'll have to take my word for it that the rest of the trip was extremely photogenic and had the makings of many good memories.

Thanks to John and Heidi for all the good recommendations. We loved the Grand Rapids Children's museum. The kids could have spent the day there. And we didn't end up going to the zoo, Amy, but now we know where it is and will have to try it next time. And to Josh Leo, who has no idea we exist, thanks for letting us stalk you around Grand Rapids and even try out Yesterdog at your recommendation. The hot dogs were good and the atmosphere was even better.

And to anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to vacation with a baby, brace yourself. I've always had to shake my head in wonder when people talk about doing all manner of amazing things with a baby in tow. I think to myself, "Are they talking about a HUMAN baby?" Maybe it's just me, but mine have never done well adapting in new situations.

But we do these things for the sake of our older kids I suppose. The ones capable of memory. I think it was worth it for Drew and Ethan. As we pulled into our driveway today, Drew, barely awake, looked out and wailed, "Where did our vacation go?"


Heidi said...

Now you need an iPhone for the back-up to your back-up camera! Glad you are home, hope it was a fun trip, it sounds like you guys had a good time, made me want to go and do it again.

Claire said...

Looks like you got a lot of great pictures anyway! I'm so glad you had such a good time!

Carrie L-F said...

I had to laugh at your comment about traveling with an actual human baby. We dragged Noah all over Europe during his first year and I can still remember all of the paraphernalia we had to bring, not to mention the frequent nursing breaks that made any excursion take twice as long. Relaxing it was not! But glad you had a chance to see but a fraction of the beauty my beloved Michigan has to offer.

Josh Leo said...

Well now I know you exist! glad you had such a great time in GR!

ljmax said...

Wow. I am starstruck!

JJ said...

Glad you loved Lake Michigan. Grand Haven is one of my favorite places.

Sorry about your camera and your screaming baby. As everyone kept reminding me this weekend, this too shall pass!