Riveting knitting news and a Giveaway, of sorts.

For all of those people who say, "I don't know how you have time to do all that knitting!", remember this sock? Well, I just finished the other one. Yup, just in time for the scorching heat of August. Also, they no longer really fit Drew but that's what little brothers are for.

There were a couple small projects in between, I admit, one of which was this hat I just made for Adam. I've used this pattern before and was thinking the small size (0-12 months) would still fit him for the fall. Silly me, he's almost 12 months already, with a head a little on the big side.

It's soft and it's stretchy but this hat just won't do. So, I'm thinking I'll just get rid of it. Anybody want it? Oh, I'll mention there is one rather glaring error where some stitches were dropped and badly repaired. Blame it on some rowdy boys who knocked my knitting off a top shelf with a poorly aimed beanbag.

So, with that in mind, leave me a comment about a favorite handmade item of yours, and you'll be in the running for a free, flawed baby hat! Hurray. An attractive offer, I know. The giveaway will be open for comments through Wednesday and then I'll pick a winner using some sort of random method, to be determined. So, comment away and don't feel funny if you've never commented before or never will again.


Carrie said...

I can't think of a single homemade item I own, so I should be in the running for that reason alone.

valerie said...

Carrie--I take it you're not very crafty---don't feel bad neither am I. Like the sign says on my front steps... "Martha Stewart don't live here." Anyhoo, cute hat on a very cute boy and there is nothing wrong with a big head -- my assumption would be Big head, more brainpower... or something like that. Love the hat... I don't have a wee one, but think it might look nice on my cat Bo-Bo.(or a future grand baby...)Val

Stephanie said...

I just love that picture of his feet with those socks on. It's adorable.

And Adam and his hat. LOL. I am guilty of this sort of knitting....thinking kids would be one size...and then they have outgrown it before they have even had a chance to wear them.

I have lots of handmade items from over the years. My favorite knitted items I've made for myself are always my socks. I haven't been brave enough for anything adult sweater sized.

My favorite handmade item that I gave away was a knitted "Kate" plushie kitty from knitty. I made it along with a blanket for a friend's babyshower. She uses it to take a photo of her daughter everyweek to show how much she's grown. It warms my heart to know that it will be such a treasured keepsake.

Anonymous said...

I want it, I want it! Sammy Fastrunner Big Jump needs a hat for winter...and green is his color.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it would fit Trev's head, but it is awfully cute. Anything you make is cute though.

Stoneslinger said...

I once made...a mess...out of my life. And that was hand-made. Crafty, too. Can I have the green hat?? I have a small head.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...what use could I have for such a tuque?! I can't think of one since David's head is nearly the size of mine, but I love free stuff so please submit my name for consideration in this fabulous giveaway!

My favorite handmade items currently are my children's quilts stitched by Grandma Jackson. She made them each one when they were born, and another flannel one for their 2nd Christmas, and a fleece one when they got a little older.

She signed the backs of their newborn quilts with their full names and birth dates along with "Made with love by Grandma J". Never would have I imagined how comforting seeing her handwriting on such a cuddly, familiar object would be.

I love to recall the stories she told me about the mistakes she made while making a couple of them and how she was able to salvage the projects with a few alterations and appliques that weren't called for in the original plan. They also remind me that she was the one who taught me to sew and quilt, and that the finished product will be cherished, imperfections and all.


pennyjean said...

I just finished sewing a new duvet cover and shams...and the hat would be perfect for our nephew Aiden! (That's who will get it if I win!)

Anonymous said...

Can I substitute homegrown for handmade? I have three tomato plants growing by my front door whose dangling fruit are the exact shade of green as that lovely hat...which by the way, Olivia could probably wear for YEARS as she does not appear to have inherited the Maxwell head.

the Joneses said...

My kids were all homemade, and I'm pretty pleased with them.

Actually my favorite handmade item(s) are two or three quilts made by friends.

-- SJ

gretchen said...

Hey! I've been so out of the blogging loop! Way too late, but I want to say what my favorite homemade item is anyway: a nightstand that Shawn built me for my birthday several years back.

Carefully crafted, built to his own design, and using black cherry that grew right here at Fairwood, it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Thanks for giving me a chance to share that with the world : )

Stoneslinger said...

I'm still waiting for my green hat!