5 Things I'm loving

1. Taking a walk with Drew on a perfect fall(ish) day, hunting for leaves. We found one bright tree near the park and gathered a few of the best at its feet. Throughout the morning I could hear my Grandpa Murray singing, "Come little leaves, said the wind one day; come to the meadows with me and play." Grandpa, with a song or poem for every occasion.

Drew and I saw two deer watching us in the woods. They turned and ran when they knew they'd been spotted. We looked for caterpillars all through the milkweed but found nothing.

2. This book.

Beautiful photography, inspiring and practical ideas. It did not disappoint. In fact, I have my first project picked out and maybe we'll get to it this weekend sometime.

3.Drew's new shoes.

The poor kid was sick again this week and, at this point, is diagnosed with a recurrent vomiting disorder, with no answers in sight. But, he gets over his sickness quickly and is back to the usual mischief in no time. New shoes always help. (Or is that just me?)

4. A couple miles from us, in between Dunkin Donuts and Burger King, there sits a humble farm stand. Local freshness under a tent. I stopped by today with just a few dollars and was happy with all I brought home.

5.New life to an old project. Many months ago I fell in love with a pattern I saw on Ravelry. Sadly, it was a crochet pattern and I'm not real experienced with crochet but it looked pretty simple so I started out. I even bought some special yarn for it. Somewhere along the way, I became less than inspired, probably because I had to look up instructions each time I picked it up.

I spied the yarn in my stash the other day and became excited about the possibilities once again. If it looks a little odd, feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong. I love the colors and the idea of creating something warm for the cold days ahead.


Anonymous said...

My Mom used to sing that leaf song to us too!I'm sad because I can't remember all the words now, when I knew them once. Sign of old age I guess! I bet Caroline still knows them. Love, Mrs. B

Liane said...

Mrs. B, if you type in just the lyrics I quoted above on google, you'll find the complete song. One site even had the tune playing along.

The Seeker said...

I love your photos. YOu have quite an artists perspective.

Melody said...

It looks like you're doing everything right in the crochet picture. The blanket looks so cozy! I love making blankets. I have a hard time finishing one project before I start another one, though. It's my downfall. :/

kw said...

hi! I wish you could come to our meadows here and play with us:) Love the veggies....

Su said...

I just had a thought about Drew's intermittent, unexplained tummy problem....I remember Melody had the same symptoms, but without the visits to the emergency. She would be the only one in the family who would be 'sick' and then within a day or so, she would be better. The only thing I could relate it back to is that she sucked her thumb. Maybe it was bacterial. Not viral. Our Doctor couldn't explain it either...but interestingly, as soon as she stopped sucking her thumb (at about age 5), these bouts stopped short!
I don't know if Drew sucks his thumb or fingers, but maybe he is more open to bacterial attacks?
Just a thought!

Liane said...

Thank you, Seeker!

And I have that same downfall, Melody...in fact, I have the second sock in a pair on needles right now and can't quite face it.

K-I wish I could get over there too. You have the best meadows ever.

Su-I'm not sure. Drew doesn't suck his thumb but he does use a pacifier a lot. I've wondered if it could be something like that but I don't know. I do hope it is something he grows out of anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have that same pattern in my queue on Ravelry, weird, but it's a little too hard for me to get inspired enough by crotcheting to start a project.


flowergirl267 said...

Hi, found your blog through Sara Jones blog. You have the most artistic and inspiring photos I have seen in awhile. So sorry about your son throwing up so much. I thought one of my guys might have had something like that but turns out he just got a lot of stomach bugs. And I am going to check out that book. Looks great!