All I really need to know I learned in....first grade

We were discussing school yesterday when Ethan reported with scorn, "When one kid asks to use the bathroom, a ton of other kids want to go too!"

"Mmmmhmmm, that's what kids do," says I.

"They all have to copy each other!" with more derision.

"It's like they're all CLONES or something."


Claire said...

Insightful child. And the going to the bathroom in groups thing doesn't change anytime soon, Ethan...at least not for girls. I remember it lasting well into highschool.

kw said...

reiminds me of Lexies unexpected first day comment-..she said her friend Rosa wants to play with her too much. "Other people have to be with me too",,,,

Anonymous said...

Yay for Ethan. Disdain for the herd mentality will serve him well!
Aunt Ronda