With glitter!

If you ever get bored (ha!), there is a wealth of entertainment to be found on Craigslist Free Listings. In fact, just today I found several winners:

Free "Free Stuff" Sign
Mint condition, slight wear on edges.
Used to give away free stuff, but all the free stuff is gone now.
It looks really good since I used glitter. People will definitely come and take your free stuff.
Email for pick-up address, it will be on my porch.

Hey, how much for your 'free stuff' sign? I'm gonna get right on that.

Keith says this next one makes a little more sense because there are lots of guys who like to take things apart and just tinker with them. Guess I can't relate:

(2) Broken VCR'S (Allen Park)
2 broken VCR's with remotes, Don't know whats wrong with them but if your looking for something to play with or just a paper weight. Come get them before I pitch'em.....

Inflated gas prices cannot keep me away from potential, FREE paper weights.

So. Sometimes the explanation is the best part. Cause this next one looked good until I read the why and the wherefore. What?!

Free Children's Blow-up Pool (Clinton Twp)
A few weeks back a children's blow-up pool was blown into my yard with the wind, I have talked to all the neighbors and nobody is claiming it, so I am giving it away.

All the neighbors? Are you sure?

And I saved the best for last. It makes me happy to be alive:

FREE Mystery Bag for Whole Family
I have bag full of goodies ranging from adults down to kids. This would be fun item to pick up to see what all the goodies are. If you are interested please email me. Thanks

I am so tempted to track down this free mystery bag. So tempted.


Stephanie said...

Craigslist always amuses me too. People are wacky and willing to give anything away! My favorite was on freecycle once...someone gave away a bag of those little hot sauce packets that Taco Bell gives you. They didn't want to throw them out and had a bunch of them...and someone claimed them!

KJ said...

Hahaha... Oh the treasure you will find if you know where to look! Pretty amazing what people are willing to give away - for free even!

*word verification: rujxpnzx = "are you in juxtaposition, z and x?" answer: No. Y comes in between.... sorry*

gretchen said...

Wow, a bag full of adults and kids and who knows what else in between! Goodies indeed!

(Couldn't resist) : )

Claire said...

Oh. My. Word. Actually, you've just inspired me. It is nearly midnight and I cannot resist going on Craig's List RIGHT NOW. I wonder if anyone is giving away free china? ( I'm throwing a tea party for Pari's birthday on Sunday and the only china I have is rather... unsuitable.)

Claire said...

WOW. You were right. The freebie people are weird. Look at this one. ( And I copy and paste. As opposed to quote)

I have severly(15-18??) trees that I want gone!!I'm not really curtain of what kind they are, but I know no pine. poplar trees, and ????? If you want them come cut them down.

I just ask that you do not hit my house.

PLease send email so we can arrange a time to come put.weekens, please.

Stoneslinger said...

Free stuff?? I'm still waiting for my green hat!!

ljmax said...

All I ask is that you do not burn or pillage my home...otherwise, go for it. Clearcut my land. That is a good one, C.

You did not win and you're just going to have to accept that, Stoneslinger:)