Bend it

Ethan's last soccer game of the season was yesterday. It was fun to watch, as always, but can I say how relieved I am that it is done? I'm glad to have my Friday nights and Saturdays back.

I wanted to put together a little video of the action but found we didn't have nearly as much footage as I hoped. Still, I was able to use the bits we had to cobble together a little soccer fun.

Warning: Music starts off mellow (George Winston playing Vince Gauraldi's:Charlie Brown and His All-Stars) and ends rather LOUD (Queen's We are the Champions- did you know this song was written with soccer in mind?). So be forewarned, my friends. I just could not resist.


Liane said...

Slightly better quality on my facebook page.

kw said...

:) Arthur clapped while watching!