My foot on a soapbox

You know what really yanks my chain? People. Yeah, that's what. More specifically, people who think that it is fair game to question, criticize and insult a family who chooses to have more than one or two children. In a society that worships "tolerance" to a dangerous degree, the very personal decision regarding family size is still wide open to public incredulity and scorn.

And, in my experience, those most openly critical of large(more than two kids) families, are the ones who tend to claim exclusive rights to tolerance in the first place.


the Joneses said...

I'd like to go on record as an ethusiastic supporter of this soapbox.

I've never gotten very insulting comments, but after I had one girl and one boy, I fielded a lot of assumptions that I was Done because I had one of each. So when my third was very obviously on the way, people assumed even more easily that I MUST be Done this time, because I had one boy and one girl and a third so why would I ever want more?

And whether or not my family was complete with three kids actually was NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. People assume it is, though. Why is this considered public knowledge? I'll stop now before I do a post of my own.

Oh, wait, I won't stop just yet. My friend had twins, and the day they were born, her mother had people asking, "So is your daughter Done now?"

-- SJ

Heidi said...

I, too, enthusiastically join this growing support group for "large" families. I have had my share of comments, also, regarding why I would have wanted to have my third baby when I already had a girl and boy. Imagine?! Think of the comments my friend Kim must get with her 8 kids and big ol' pregnant belly. Keep 'em coming, Kim!

Stacie.Make.Do. said...

As a mother of five I say, "Hear, hear!"

Especially about the intolerance of those "tolerant" people.

GK Chesterton said:
Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.

I have decided to study Conversion of an Anarchist and learn some tricks ;)

kw said...

YEAH! They STINK, those people! I'm sick of 'diversity' devotee hypocrites myself. Especially when they try to indoctrinate children...

brilynne said...

As one of six, I have totally experienced the people who respond with shock and ill-concealed horror when I mention I have five siblings.

Then there was the classic case of my two friends, each from a family of eight children. They were grocery shopping together for their families (can you see where this is going?), and the cashier wanted to know why they were stocking up. When they mentioned their family sizes, she exclaimed, "Your poor, poor mothers!" and continued to mutter that under her breath until she finished bagging their stuff.

yeah. A little tolerance would be nice here.

And, no, my parents aren't catholic...

Su said...

I'm from a family of 5, and I have 4 of my own...and would have another if God blessed me again! I have gotten the "look", too. But it only makes me all the more proud to display my sweet children to the world!

Ever read the book, "Cheaper by the Dozen"? by Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Lillian Carey. Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you all didn't get the memo that a body that is in shape is what will not only make you happy in this life but will help you to reap eternal reward as well!

I believe you will find that in I Moses 5:18

tmf (kids shmids!)

Anonymous said...