All seasons of the year are nice for eating chicken soup with rice

What could be better for an ailing household than some chicken soup? That's what's for dinner in these parts. Chicken noodle soup. I'm trying out this recipe.

Thankfully, it is only Ethan who is still sick with stomach ailments. The rest of us are mostly well with some sniffles and coughs thrown in. But, Ethan. Poor guy was a lot better yesterday and caught up on some schoolwork. He was ready to go back today but I'm afraid dinner last night was a little too exciting for his stomach resulting in fountains of vomit raining down from his top bunk-bed in the night. I have to wonder if he shook his head like a wild horse whilst puking, the trajectory was so great. Poor Drew was a recipient of the sick shower.

Hence, the mild and hopefully soothing soup.

Here's what I'm thankful for today. A washer and drier that work. A warm house and Christmas music, old and new. I love finding new Christmas songs on itunes. Right now I'm listening to The Friendly Beasts by Sufjan Stevens (sublime) and The Twelve Days of Christmas by John Denver and The Muppets (slightly ridiculous).

And my new front door wreath. It's the little things.


kw said...

Oh Martha...the little things indeed...

La La Palooza said...

Do you know that poem all about chicken soup with rice, 12 stanzas, one for each month? Oh, that is a great one!

Liane said...

Yeah, I prob. should have put it in quotes but that's where I got the title...awesome poem.

Stoneslinger said...

Liane, I would like to say that you can be very gross at times, in dramatic and entertaining sort of way. :-)

I'm glad your household is recovering though.

And I'd like a bowl of chicken soup.

Please, Ma'am, my I have another.

flowergirl267 said...

Haven't read you in awhile but I came back by. Love your photos. I feel like you are taking snapshots of your thoughts and sharing them with us. Thanks. (: