Chefs who are pampered...and me.

Yesterday I got to try out a cookie press for the first time ever! It's the type of gadget I've always eyed with both horror and fascination. Who would use this and why? But I couldn't pass up a brand new, in-the-package, Pampered Chef cookie press I found earlier this year for a grand total of 4.99! Good bargains make me do crazy things.

With Christmas approaching and neighbors dropping by with baked goods, I decided I needed to reciprocate. The boys were excited to 'help' and I figured if the press was a flop, we could roll and cut our own cookies. Overall, I was impressed with the look of the few that did work but wasn't able to get them to stick to the stone consistently. I did read that the dough should be warm and the stone should be cold. Any other tips from you cookie pressers?

The boys had fun with the sprinkles anyway...sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere.


Lori said...

yay for chicken soup! Just made chicken noodle last night--the perfect thing for quite a cold snap in our parts. Looks like you're using leeks? Cute wreath--love the bird

Liane said...

Thanks, Lori...yep I did add some leeks since I had some around. I had some homemade chicken stock on hand which really made it good.

Stephanie said...

I love the pics on your blog lately. It's been fun to see the boys and even your leeks look charming :)

Happy Holidays!