To Do...or Not To Do

This week I'm leaning heavily on my List, as if it will magically keep me on track.

-Christmas cards (check)
-bake a variety of goodies and distribute to keep us in our neighbor's good graces (check)
-find someone to feed our cats when we're gone (check)
-dream up ideas for teacher's gifts and execute (partial check)
-shop for clothes that fit for public appearances. Fail to find any garment that makes me look normal. Feel depressed (check)
-buy, wrap and mail presents to members of my family (check)
-buy, wrap and pack presents to bring for Keith's family (partial check)
-buy, and wrap presents for Drew's birthday on Thursday (partial check)
-buy food for our trip and Ethan's school Christmas party on Thursday
-finish knitting a gift that's taking much longer than anticipated
-pack every necessary item for three boys and myself
-clean out car
-make requested robot cake for Drew's birthday
-get haircut and bring gift for hairdresser
-make sure house is semi-decent for the neighbors who will be feeding the cats and exploring at will
-stop Adam from repeatedly hurling raw potatoes at the window (check)
-decide whether to finish sewing Christmas projects for boys or wait until Christmas Eve
-worry about traveling to and staying in a place with no power, or very limited power
-worry about the weather prediction for our travel day (freezing rain/snow/winter weather advisory)
-bite nails (check)
-tackle mountain of laundry
-be thankful we are all on the recovery end of various ailments
-drive 13 hours straight and keep sanity
-maintain happy, Christmas feelings
-whine, complain (check)
-waste time online (check)


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I'll put you on my prayer list! Sounds daunting! Mrs B

Heidi said...

-Have January lunch date with good friend at an amazing new restaurant that is all organic as a special treat from said friend just because I miss you.

Liane said...

Yes, Heidi (whose to-do list makes mine look like a walk in the park)- I'm excited...sounds awesome!

kw said...

Oh you forgot one: "Act unfazed and as if you only drove 2 miles when everyone you are visiting at Christmas tide acts like what you've just accomplished is as natural as rolling out of bed in the morning"

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I thought I was stressed until I read your list the other day : )

Can't wait to see you (if you're still alive by the time you arrive)!

But first things first:
Happy Birthday Drew!!!


Liane said...

Thanks Mrs. B! And K, where did you get that quote? Love it.

Looks like we won't be staying there now, Gretchen but hopefully we'll see you at some point. Thanks for remembering Drew!

kw said...

quote? I am the orginator...wow, i didn't know i was that talented, ok.

Liane said...

I just thought, cause you used quotations...either way, tis good.