Full-ish Disclosure

It's that time of year. The undying question on everyone's lips: So, what did you get for Christmas? I have never liked this question. As a child I used to dread the discussions it generated at school after Christmas break and now I simply find it rude and annoying. But that's just me. Most of the world has no problem with this conversation filler. In the spirit of this bizarre need to know what others have and have not, I give you: What I got for Christmas.

Ok, part of my motivation is to showcase a couple items I received from etsy-land. A land I love. Part of which is being threatened by some new legislation of which I understand very little. Someday I hope to have my own etsy shop. Who knows?

Anyway, I was very happy to be the recipient of some lovely yarn from Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs. I cannot wait to make some socks for my very own self. Can never have too much good yarn.

Another great etsy find was this sweet little pendant from HomeStudio:

I'm also loving this fun, retro fabric, origin unknown except that it came to me from the UK. (I mean, I know who gave it to me, just not where she purchased it.) Just as cool as etsy.

I cannot wait to create something with this cowgirl print.

So there. Now you know.


Shari said...

I know exactly what you mean about the after-Christmas gift question. I dreaded it when I was little, because my parents were super frugal and we literally got one gift at Christmas. I had one mean friend who would go on and on about her gazillion gifts, and it made me sad. But now, I love that we grew up like that. And I find joy in the purging of stuff (like I've been doing recently), so I could care less how many gifts I get.

Creative gifts are the best. And it looks like you received great ones, Liane! I keep seeing those Scrabble necklaces and they just look so neat. :-)

kw said...

Man i gotta get you over here for this quilting fair exhibit..it's an alternate universe with everything a sewy crafty person like you could ever dream for...it's where i got the fabric...

kw said...

hey, did you see hte thimble ring?

Stoneslinger said...

So, what did you do for Christmas? What did you get?

Liane said...

I know I'm disappointed not to have an Improvised Explosive Christmas Tree. That much I know.

gretchen said...

Inspiring! Happy for you : )

One of the nice things about teaching the boys at home is that (for the most part) they avoid that question which breeds a sense of envy/inferiority/general dis-content (or else, perhaps worse, smug superiority!).

One of the nice things about having children is how much fun it is to get presents for them...not to mention watch them pick out and wrap presents for each other! We went on a grand expedition to the Dollar Tree for that very purpose, and it was way too much fun :)

One of Ian's favorite gifts of the day was a foam dagger Michael had picked out for him on that trip.

Stephanie said...

Well...of course I'm going to say I love the yarn *grin* and I saw a pendant just like that that I almost bought for myself as well. I got a skeiner for Christmas. How exciting is that? LOL. Probably not to most people but for me it's awesome!

I desperately need a moss ring from etsy-land now. Yeah...they make everything on there don't they? Gotta love that :)